Nibiru – The Great Cataclysm

Nibiru and the epic story of the great cataclysm that is supposed to take place between Planet Earth and Planet Nibiru has been mentioned in every UFO blog on the internet. Whether Nibiru will Collide with Earth or just have a near miss is debated. It is believed that this event will take place sometime during the 21st century. Those who believe in this Doomsday scenario often call Nibiru by it’s alternative name Planet X.

Most scientist contest that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of Nibiru. Most astronomers and planetary scientist also refer to the research of Planet Nibiru as pseudoscience. Some note that the origins of the Nibiru Cataclysm may have started with a woman by the name of Nancy Lieder, who some deem as ┬ámentally ill. Lieder runs a website that talks about the possible impact of Planet Nibiru and it’s possible effects on Humanity.

Lieder describes herself as a contacte who regularly receives messages from ET ( Extra-Terrestrials). Lieder claims these ET are from the Zeta Reticuli star system and claims that the ET put an implant in her brain to make these communications possible. Originally Lieder claimed that Nibiru would be entering through our inner Solar System in sometime in May 2003, though that date was abandoned when nothing happened. Lieder was then looked upon as a fool even by those who proclaim the validity of Nibiru’s existence.

Nancy Lieder claimed that she was chosen by the ET to warn Humanity of the impending doom that would accompany Planet x’s arrival. She also claimed that Nibiru’s arrival would lead to a pole shift on Planet Earth. Even though the arrival of Nibiru never took place at the set time that Nancy Lieder gave, the legend of Nibiru spread beyond Lieder’s website. The Nibiru Cataclysm exploded beyond the grasp of Zeta Talk and into every Doomsday blog and website practically on the Internet.

Many Doom-sayers proclaimed that Nibiru would than arrive in 2012 and as we all know that never happened. The name Nibiru was derived from the research of the Sumerian text transcriber Zecharia Sitchin. His work on the Sumerian Tablets and Babylonian – Sumerian Mythology play an essential role in the research of Planet X / Nibiru. Sitchin himself denies any connection between his work and any sort of future Apocalypse.


Nibiru Origins

Nibiru’s Apocolyptic approach is said to have originated with Nancy Lieder. Lieder who lives in Wisconsin says that as a young girl, Gray ETs who told her they were to be called Zetas. This is the time Lieder claims the ETs implanted a communication device into her brain. 1995 is the year Lieder founded the site Zeta Talk to forward the messages the ET’s would send into her brain by way of her supposed implant.

Lieder first gained notoriety on Internet newsgroups during months before the arrival of Comet Hale-Bopp. Lieder claimed that Comet Hale-Bopp in fact did not exist and would not be passing by earth in 1997 ( yes she actually said that ! ). Lieder also claimed that Hale-Bopp was in fact a distant star and not a Comet at all. Nancy Lieder claimed that Hall-Bopp since it was just a distant star would come no closer. LIeder believed that Comet Hale-Bopp was actually a distraction by world Government to keep humanity from knowing about the impending doom of Planet X / Nibiru. She also claimed that Nibiru would be arriving shortly during the time of the arrival of Comet Hale-Bopp and would destroy civilization. As Comet Hale-Bopp arrived for all the world to see, one of the brightest comments seen by Humanity, Lieder was forced to edit her original statement.

But that didn’t stop the New York Times from publishing Lieder’s claims. Nancy Lieder stated that Planet X was 4x the size of Earth. She also stated that Planet X / Nibiru would approach earth on May 27, 2003 stopping the Earth’s rotation for a sum total of 5.9 Earth days. According to Lieder this would then destabilize the Earth magnetic pole, causing a full on pole shift. Lieder stated this would not be a a geomagnetic pole shift, but a physical pole shift, causing the actual planet to flip upside down. Leading to the the disruption of the Earth’s core and displacement of the Earth’s crust.

The first person to perpetuate Nibiru after Lieder was a man by the name of Mark Hazlewood. Mark Hazlewood a former comrade in the ZetaTalk news groups. Hazlewood published a book in 2001 titled Blindsided: Planet X Passes in 2003. Nancy Lieder immediately condemned the book claiming that Hazlewood was a confidence trickster. On a side note a Japanese based cult known as the Pana Wave Laboratory blocked off roads and rivers with white cloths claiming that, they were protecting themselves from electromagnetic attacks. Pana Wave Laboratory also warned that the world would end in May 2003 after the approach of a tenth planet.

About a week before the supposed arrival of Nibiru , Nancy Lieder called into KROQ FM ( a radio station in Los Angeles ). Lieder advised the radio stations audience to put down their pets in anticipation of Nibiru’s arrival. When Lieder was asked if she had put down her own pets she stated that she had. Lieder also stated that ” The Puppies Are In A Happy Place “. She also advised listeners that ” Dog’s make a great meal “. Once the 2003 date which Lieder gave passed without the arrival of Nibiru she proclaimed that the 2003 date was just a white lie she made up to fool the establishment. After that Lieder would refuse to mention the date of Nibiru’s arrival ever again. Lieder proclaimed this was to prevent the establishment from using the arrival of Nibiru to institute martial law. Which would lead to many deaths since people would be trapped in their homes and cities.

Even though Lieder was refusing to give a date as to when Planet X / Nibiru would arrive. Many other groups became to project their own dates for Nibiru’s arrival. Of these dates the most cited date for the arrival of Planet X was December 21, 2012. Many people proclaimed that December 21, 2012 would be the very day of the apocalypse because it was the end of the Baktun cycle of the long count of the Mayan Calendar. Many authors wrote books connection the arrival of Planet X with the year 2012. There will be more on the ” supposed ” origins of Nibiru in future post and than we will be getting to the truth. Please post your comments below negative or positive!